about me

<--- I'm not the old guy with nothing to lose... I'm the younger fellow in black who's just gotten over his fears and jumped out of perfectly good airplane.

Hi. I'm Eddy. People know me as Ed, Victor, Eduardo, and Spud, too. If my face looks weird it's because i'm hitting a wall of air at over a hundred miles an hour. It took courage to jump, and it took even more courage to come out to the west coast 3 years ago hoping to change the course of my life in Texas.

Not that I really had anything against living in Texas, just that my career wasn't giving me all that energy I was putting into it. So with the help of my past employer, I was able to relocate myself to the Bay Area, and now, I live in the wacky town we all know and love as San Francisco.

Having already received a degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, I decided to pursue more knowledge into the area of computer graphics -- the reason I learned all that computer stuff in the first place. So I enrolled in the Academy of Art University and there I had to learn the art of it. Literally, having to re-learn how to draw again, and become the Artist and the Technician I've always been.

I'm starting my new career in Computer Graphics hoping to find a job as a technical artist doing either Character Rigging, Modeling, or lighting and rendering. I want to learn it all. :)